It’s Not A Blog Until There’s An ‘About Me’

I have tumbled and twisted with what I thought were my “passions” for the past four years. Going to a small business school where everyone knows everyone’s, well, business meant that I was constantly comparing myself to my peers and always coming up short. I thought I was going to become an economist, an accountant, a full-time writer, I was even entertaining the thought of becoming an astronomer.

I had no idea.

I wanted to drop everything and go traveling, as I suspect many lost souls want to do when they are afraid. I kept running away.

Four years later, I have discovered what makes me me–but I’d be a fool to say I have discovered everything.

I am tumultuous, pithy, a roiling ocean of contained thoughts.

I have precious relationships.

I am an always-in-recovery hypocrite.

I try to try, but most of the time, I only get to the thinking-about-trying part.

I am a great person, if time is taken to see it–I am every squirrelly animal you have tried to coax into approaching your hand, only to dash away at the last second.

I am still trying to figure things out.


Hey, Welcome to my blog!




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