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Progression to the Planche

My brother challenged me to work towards a planche pushup with him.

If you’re unfamiliar with the planche, it’s this beastly exercise.

I’m always up for a fitness challenge, so I said yes. (I’m also always up for a sibling challenge—e.g. Mario Kart Wii turns into a figurative bloodbath every. single. time. And this competition is only on my end because the win ratio is 10:2 my brother. Grrrr.)

The planche pushup involves heavy use of your shoulders, chest, and wrists. Basically everything I need to work on.

Just for kicks I tried a tuck planche the other day, which involves planting both palms to the ground, fully locking out your arms, and lifting both knees to the chest. Yeah. About that. The difference between the guy in the video and me is that he got both knees off the ground. I just, kind of, pushed at the ground really hard. It’s really hard, guys.

If you’re interested in doing this too, the first link has great steps towards a successful progression towards completing a planche pushup.

So, I *may* be posting my progress with the planche up on WP. Depending on how embarrassing they are for public release. No promises.

P.S. I am sick. What a crappy result for an amazing Saturday in the NYC.