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Am I Closet Morning Person?

I woke up to my alarm at 5:50 AM this morning. And stayed up.

Such acts of ambitiousness would have been unheard of for the four-years-ago me, or the couple-months-ago me for that matter.

But wait, I hate mornings. Don’t I? I’ve never been happy waking up for school or work, the hours I slept was never enough, I always dragged myself out of bed, and let’s have a moment of silence for the no-bra incident a couple weeks ago, shall we?

Let’s face it, mornings have never been easy, but working 45 hours a week really makes you appreciate the weekends. And we technically only have Saturdays. Friday evenings are just spent mourning the coming of Mondays. Ugh.

Realizing this, I’d kick myself in the face (that’s not possible) if I spent my weekends waking up past 8 and not being conscious for those precious 48+ hours. You’re gonna be awake and you’re gonna be productive, damn it.

And so maybe I am a closet morning person—but only on the weekends. I haven’t gotten to that level for the weekdays. Let’s not get crazy now.

I probably won’t ever to the level where I’m belting “The Sound of Music” at 7 AM—that’d indicate me reaching some acute level of hysteria rather than being happy about weekday mornings. But—

Have a Gloriously Bright (and Cold) Sunday! :)

P.S. I’m thinking it’s a good day to go for a run, yeah? Don’t hold me to it, might be the coffee talking.

P.P.S. This was my breakfast. It could also explain why I now look forward to weekend mornings.belgium waffles, chocolate belgium waffles, waffles, deliciousness, delicious breakfast,