“Oh Damn! It’s Such A Good Video.”

– Shirley

I’m posting this video where Reza Aslan systematically and thoroughly counters popular accusations made against Muslims—something that the media loves doing.

First of all, I just love this video because he shuts them down immediately and eloquently, and that to me is the most delicious way to watch people get shut down. Second, when I was watching it, it got me to think about how the media and the internet are each other’s worst enemies. Think about it.

dumbfounded keanu, keanu reeves meme, meme

Rofl. So much amusement from this face. Much derp. Such wow.

The media can effectively brainwash its viewers because, unless you’re experiencing the event firsthand, how would you know what’s truth and what isn’t? But here comes the internet, with all its sneaky and brilliant content sharers, providing things that the media can’t filter—which isn’t to say that you don’t see ludicrously false things on the Internet either—and it lets us broaden our perspectives.

Anyway, short post because I have a little thing called work and I need this important thing called sleep. It calls me.

Happy Hump Day! :)



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