A Practice in Happyness

I’ve been perfecting the art of happyness for 22 years. It’s not quite there yet because true to who I’ve always been, I’ve nailed down the intricacies before I fully get the basics. I am 100 percent all systems go and it’s only after going 0 to 60 that I realize I have forgotten to buckle myself down. (Not literally. Jeez.) I am all or nothing, all the time, and it’s hard for me to do things in moderation when it is sometimes necessary to do things in moderation.

I have discovered many things that make me happy during the brief moment I have been alive, and discovered that while many of those were fleeting harbingers of happiness, a few things have stuck around long enough to make me realize that those are probably things that will always calm and soothe me.

  • The act of being alone and/or traveling alone in public. I like the anonymity, I like knowing that no one knows who I am.
  • Listening to music (made infinitely better by earbuds or headphones). I did not consciously realize how much music impacts my life until recently. I am a person who can, and will, listen to something on repeat, endlessly, until I tire of it. (People who have been in close proximity have experienced this first-hand, probably to their annoyance. :) ) It’s just that, for me, when I like a beat or melody, it just kind of envelops me and I sink into it like a…like a melodious bubble of sound that blocks out everything else. Like I am the melody itself, without a form and constantly flowing. Like I am in a sanctuary no one can invade.
  • Nature. Specifically, nature when it showcases its artistic mastery (e.g. The teal turquoise robin’s egg blue violet green of the Northern Lights, the fireball orange red scarlet bruised pink of all sunsets everywhere, etc.). But if you show me anything with more than four legs, I will squish it like the bug it is. I do not like dat ish.
  • Niceness. Manners are important. Being polite is important. Haven’t your mothers taught you that?
  • Um, Food. I can eat meals I love over and over again—it’s like my relationship with music.
  • Fitness and Health—which are sometimes in great conflict with my love for food. It’s a constant combat between the two sides because most days I want to eat everything in sight, but then I think Wait…your arteries…and then I go ahead and eat whatever I’m going to eat anyway in great excess. (Again, I am all or nothing. No in-betweens.)
  • Watching and re-watching movies.
  • Reading. (Fantasy novels ftw.)
  • Being with people I love.

Sometimes, though, I find it really hard to be happy. Sometimes it’s hard for me to remember how to smile, and even what I listed above can’t make my spirits lift. And that’s why I say it’s a practice in happyness. I’m just tryna focus on nailing down the basics before I move forward.

Think happy thoughts! Tomorrow is Monday after all. :)



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