The Most Monday Thing I’ve Ever Done

This past Monday was rough. I had a great weekend with a great someone, and staying up was so easy when there wasn’t work to get up for the next day. And that worked out pretty well too, until it was Sunday night.

When you wake up before 6am, and need as much sleep as I do to *barely* function, sleeping after 12am is not okay. Which is exactly what I did. Which is exactly why I woke up like dis:

I got dressed for work with eyes half closed, in the dark because I didn’t want the sudden brightness from turning on the light to blind me, goosebumps pimpling my arms and legs ’cause Boston mornings, and threw on the first thing that popped into my head. That thing was a dress. And only a dress.

You get where I’m going with this?

After I make my way to work, I clip my electronic tap card onto the usual place on my dress—right at the shoulder—and fail to notice a bra strap.

That’s right ladies and gents. I forgots to wear myself a bra. Good thing I had my gym bag with a sports bra inside or I would have gone my day going way too casual.

Anyway, is it just me, or do Mondays get progressively more sucky and less forgiving as time goes on?

Does anyone else want to share a time when they thought “This Is The Most Monday Thing I’ve Ever Done”?

It’s okay, I won’t judge. And by that I mean not any more than you’re judging me right now.

Always triple check your outfit before you head out, folks.



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