Another Beginning

Instead of getting a haircut, piercing another part of my body, or throwing away junk, I have decided that I will commemorate the start of another chapter in my life with a new blog.

There are a number of things happening in my life that I feel I’m not at all prepared for.

1) Getting a job, possibly picking between two. Both are farther apart role-wise than you can imagine, but I’d love them both equally like a mother loving her set of squalling twins.

2) Getting car insurance, looking for a place to live, (and furniture to buy, a mattress to sleep on, cooking utensils to use), getting basic health coverage…. Grown-up things, you know? I haven’t been exposed to worrying about these things, like, ever, and I am realizing that everything they said about college prepping you about the “real world” is a freaking lie. You are not ever prepared. You can only learn as you go, and I’m just coming to terms with the fact that I can’t control everything. Scary stuff.

3) Becoming aware of what I put into my body has been one of the most important realizations I have made in college and the change I feel in eating healthy versus when I don’t is pretty amazing. Being able to buy my own food means being in control of what I eat, and that impossibly exciting to me. The thought of blending, and soup-ing, and grilling, and the making of other Pinteresque recipes can only result in good feelings and good health.


I propose a blog dedicated to documenting the journey towards health in all aspects—diet, (or lifestyle change, whatever), exercise, outlook, soul—as well as the mistakes I will invariably make along that journey.

This is a blog devoted to being happy, really.

The Pursuit of Happyness.





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